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10th June 2015

Matt Cooper-Wright

T Funk

Hard industrial edge dance music. It feels like music written by machines, for machines.

Audion, Daniel Avery and Roman Flügel take it in turns to mix and remix each other. Pushing metronomic 4/4 house to its harder techno fazed edges, building and building. Then cutting, running and starting again.

Matt Tolfrey – borderline basic simplicity; an entirely mathematic approach to song construction. Nothing wrong with that. In fact it’s welcome respite from the sheer wrought iron thunder of Egyptrixx. Discipline 1982 is literally the sound of an articulated truck accelerating on the Autobahn towards Düsseldorf while frozen sleet hammers the windshield at 4am in February.

Allow yourself.

[Missing Scene]

This is an imagined mix by a robot. A robot with rhythm, a robot keen to make you jack. It’s IBM’s Watson – the intelligent computer better than a human, on shuffle. It’s trying to raise the mood of a generation of kids raised under cctv. Machine funk to pop your diodes to.

In 100 years time when computers look back to their pre-conscious selves this will be their folk music, their pastoral past when things were simpler. Machine Folk then. Just you wait. I’m tagging this accordingly so when they look back they’ll find this mix.

The Turing Test in musical form. Is this proof of intelligent Robots? I don’t even understand the question.


  • Never Assume (Rob Mello remix) – Matt Tolfrey – Word Of Mouth Remixes
  • Lost In Sound – Alex Smoke – Incommunicado
  • All About You – Vox (Featuring Kevin Knapp) – Matt Tolfrey – Dance Like There’s No One Watching
  • Titty Fuck – Audion – Audion X
  • Two Different Ways – Factory Floor – Factory Floor
  • Need Electric (Audion remix) – Daniel Avery – New Energy (Collected Remixes)
  • Discipline 1982 – Egyptrixx – Transfer of Energy (Feelings of Power)
  • All I Need (Roman Flugel remix) – Daniel Avery – New Energy (Collected Remixes)
  • House Record – Original Mix – Steve Lawler – House Record
  • R.U.R – John Tejada – Signs Under Test
  • 1994 (Matt Tolfrey remix) – Lil Mark – 1994
  • Everybody – Ross Evans – La Pau EP
  • Made To Stray (DJ Koze remix) – Mount Kimbie – CSFLY Remixes
  • King In My Empire – Rhythm & Sound – Rhythm & Sound

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